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Just like when we sleep, our neurons  get a bubble bath .

brain_sleep-awaken(See this TED talk  –if you can’t watch the whole 10 mins,then  scroll to minute 7:14– to see the difference of liquid received to wash toxins out from the brain while sleeping–left red substance– Vs when we are awaken on the right green substance)

In a similar way, when we doodle we enter in a relaxed mood that allow our thoughts to


No matter if it is a a little doodle  or an elaborate one. Draw every day.
It will get you into the routine to get in touch with your thoughts.

When we doodle or draw, we liberate our minds of whatever problems are stressing them.

So, why not take paper and  pencil and try a simple doodle.


At you will find tips on coloring and digitizing doodles as well as working on them inside Photoshop Elements.



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