A_Line_Paul_kleePaul Klee used to say: “A line is a dot that went for a ride…”

I love that idea! That when you draw, you are creating a bunch of dots that go on an adventure, some dots get a hell of a ride, others pretty much drop out of the picture. Like everything else, you take all the rides life throws at you …, and Draw with them!

This blog is part of DoddleTherapy.org, a website dedicated to draw and color doodles.WBLogo_rose

I have found out that drawing and coloring is a form of meditation. Obviously I’m not the only one that thinks so. In recent years, I’m surprised how many “coloring books” for adults I see every where. It is great to see people spending time coloring. I must say though, some of the layouts on those books seem a little overwhelming.They are too intricate, it is supposed to be that way because they ( like mandalas) intent to set you in a meditative mood while coloring in a repetitive way.

Well, I find that type of drawing tiresome. I much rather draw about subjects matter that interests me or that catches my attention. For example, I drew the below image when I saw a quote  about the environment:


As cheesy and wacko as it may sounds, I really believe that what we do affects the whole universe in the long run. Think about it, our thoughts, our believes affect the way we behave and conduct in general.

What we do affects others, and what those others’ reactions do, affect the rest of the
world. In short, a change is created that has a butterfly effect ALL  around. So, I want to think that when we  doodle, we lift our spirits and  our thoughts send a positive message to the universe, which in response, produces waves of positive energy that radiates throughout the whole spectrum. Filling those who touches with warmth and hope  : )




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